Tim Brunsden

Tim outlined information about a Re-Dock project called “A Small Cinema” ( This aimed to create experiences that were about ticket tearing, popcorn smells, curtains etc. The project gained involvement from shopkeepers in the Bold Street Festival, who made adverts to show between the films, as well as short amateur films.

Tim highlighted some interesting points on the website and played a video about A Small Cinema at the Bold Street Festival.

Re-Dock was also invited to do a similar project in Widnes, a town which used to have a cinema but now doesn’t. The project explored a sense of loss; “this is what we used to do” etc. It involved screening old historic films and short films.

Current Re-Dock projects:

Sailortown – This project focuses on the abandoned area opposite the Albert Dock in Liverpool, showing an interest in who used to use it, pass through it, work there etc, negotiating memories of spaces. The project makes use of the website, on which users can create virtual spaces, collecting digital information, and where people can talk informally.

Another project is based around St John’s Road in Waterloo, an interesting space with many small, unusual local businesses. Re-Dock are working with groups based in the area (photographers, bloggers etc.

Next steps: Exploring physical ways that people can map things.