Developments on Main Street, North Carolina: Robert C. Allen

Professor Robert C Allen summarised his work on two projects, “Going to the Show”, which involved creating a database of venues to document the history of movie-going in North Carolina (see notes from December workshop and the project’s website

The second project, “Main Street Carolina”, is a venture aiming to provide cultural heritage organizations in North Carolina with a digital platform for creating and managing digital content, illuminating the history of their downtowns and displaying this on historic maps.

After discussing his projects in detail, Robert C. Allen presented a few ideas for possible future projects that had been inspired by some of the discussions from previous workshops, including:

  • Serving content to mobile devices
  • Serving content via QR codes
  • Interactive projects developed with a virtual cities toolkit (inspired by Keiji Yano’s presentation on The evolution of Virtual Kyoto during the February workshop)
  • Allow end users to comment and submit their own content.