Updates on developments at the Museum of Liverpool

Julia Bryan

Julia discussed the current work that was being done in the museum on an interactive map of Merseyside with Centre Screen.

Initial meetings with Centre Screen had discussed the development of the project worked on with City in Film. The aim was to find a resource that had the depth and breadth required. Julia discussed the Museum’s need to involve members of the public, and to harness available expertise to develop resources and for community engagement.

Clare Ahmad

Clare highlighted the museum’s struggle in obtaining a comprehensive set of images etc for the mapping interactive, for the whole of Liverpool. She described how museum staff went into the community to see if people could generate content (text and image) but in a very specific format (high resolution, own work, avoiding copyright issues etc). The feedback received from focus groups about the project has been enthusiastic.

Another problem Clare outlined was how the data generated would be archived and stored. The museum was also hoping that the interactive would be updatable.

She described how they were currently targeting historical societies and park groups, but that the data would hopefully be sourced from a diverse range of people as the project progressed.Clare described the data that the museum wanted as being short snippets of text related to points of interest, and images (including postcards, and both historical and contemporary photographs). The final mapping interactive will be image rich, and brought to life by the City in Film clips.