Developments in Mapping the Lakes: Ian Gregory

Ian discussed the following projects:

  • “Mapping the Lake District” (see David Cooper’s notes from December workshop)
  • Virtual Belfast (1911)
  • Project on the development of road and rail networks and the impact on broader society.

The key issues Ian discussed included locating these issues in time and space, creating databases, and producing both academic work and information to be dissected to the wider community.

Key aim of “Mapping the Lake District” – can literary and other texts be put in GIS format and made use of? Outcome of project: Can click on different locations within electronic maps and gain a list of the number of times such areas were mentioned in literary sources and where, whilst mapping the authors physical and literary journeys. The project also made use of Google Earth etc.

“Virtual Belfast” was a previous project that Ian was involved in that was interested in long term change in religion in Ireland. The electronic part of the project involved geo-referencing original records (e.g. photos of individuals, links to census records, street directories etc); addresses can be plotted accurately on a map using a Belfast directory.