'Taylor Nuttall (folly) Love Culture - fusion of virtual and physical arts participation

Taylor discussed how the challenge for many arts organisations is that the sector has traditionally been reluctant to consider the value of what is going on online.

March and April 2010: Folly are running a whole series of events, primarily in Lancashire and Cumbria, but also using online projects, to enliven and enrich the cultural space in these areas – about reaching out to audiences in new ways, using digital tools.

Love Culture project: Idea of creating something in the northwest which pushes arts organisations towards engagement with audiences within an online space. Social networking environment – attaching stories to events, creating a space where a community of people engaged with a culture are brought to life. Hope in moving forward to embed this more literally into the physical locations where people are taking part with the content itself. Taylor demonstrated the interface of this, and suggested that it creates a sense of community as this is spread amongst different organisation’s websites.

Also discussed a possible project in relation to the Olympics and gaming.