John O’Shea and Tim Brunsden (Re-Dock)

Artist Collective Re-Dock present: "You Are Here" - Foregrounding Context.

Outlined work on larger projects carried out by Re-Dock, an artist collective based in Liverpool working with technology in a critical way. Two key projects: working with people in collecting and documenting memories and heritage.

Billboard landscape web

Suggestions for a future canal. Alan Dunn and Re-Dock, 2009.

Canal &: Re-Dock collaborated with artist Alan Dunn: Liverpool - Leeds-Liverpool canal runs through various communities in North Liverpool. Previously had a purpose of transporting goods in the past; now obsolete. Project asked people from the community to discuss their memories of the canal and encouraged them to put forward imaginative suggestions for how the canal might be used in the future; things that had never been done before on the canal. The project researched people’s histories and stories in a subjective way in relation to this area. Developed photo montages of how these ideas might look – distributed as billboards. Idea of creating future as part of heritage.

Liverpool Stories: A project created by Tim Brunsden experimenting with video on the web (2005-ongoing). Interest in people’s personal stories; mutual exchange – helped people tell their stories, looked at different ways to tell those stories. Around 120 videos on the website - created an informal network of people.

Current ongoing project related to Liverpool Stories – St. John’s Road; interested in looking at the kind of geographical information that can be built into the project and how that might be useful. Re-Dock are working with the area’s Heritage Group, as well as groups such as photographers and bloggers – interested in creating a tool for distributing and opening up access to information that these groups have available, and to tell stories about everyday life. About celebrating the community and looking forward to the future.